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Rock N Roll Archaeology

Rock N Roll Archaeology

Podcast Rock N Roll Archaeology
Podcast Rock N Roll Archaeology

Rock N Roll Archaeology


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  • Performance Anxiety: Side Projects Michael Goldberg On James Calvin Wilsey
    With two notes, James Calvin Wilsey announced his presence to the music world at large. But by the time Wicked Game launched Chris Isaak, Rowland Sally, Kenney Dale Johnson, & James Calvin Wilsey onto MTV and in front of millions, Jimmy was already living a very rock & roll lifestyle; one that would lead him to crash and burn half an album later. Journalist and author Michael Goldberg joins the podcast to discuss James Wilsey and the new book he’s written about his life, death, & the music he left behind. It may be the most heartbreaking episode I’ve recorded. Michael discusses Jimmy’s early days in school and how he started playing with The Avengers in San Francisco, meeting Chris Isaak and deciding he didn’t want to play with him, initially. We also talk about his time as a consultant for Apple and in IT for a Hollywood marketing company. But even through his addiction to heroin, Jimmy was always working on music. In addition to the solo album he released, El Dorado, there was so much more, including music with Billy Idol and Lana Del Rey. It’s a heartbreaking and fascinating story. Pick up Michael’s book Wicked Game - The True Story of Guitarist James Calvin Wilsey from HoZac Books. A percentage of the sales will go to help Jimmy’s son, Waylon. There’s a link in the notes. Follow Michael on social media to see what he’s up to. Follow us @PerformanceAnx on social media. Buy stuff at Or buy us a cup of coffee at Now get some tissues and check out the story of James Calvin Wilsey with Michael Goldberg on Performance Anxiety, part of Pantheon Podcasts.
  • Ready to Record Episode 48: Drummer and Producer Wally Ingram, Part 1
    On today's episode of Ready to Record, The D3 talks to drummer and producer Wally Ingram. Daniel and Wally talk about his early history, how he got into music, as well as life as a musician in a pandemic. Wally also details his relationship with Menno Froese of Ayaic Software. Find Wally hereFind our sponsor, VFX Unleashed, hereFind Blue Girl Productions hereThis show is part of Pantheon Podcasts.
  • Love That Album Podcast Episode 159 - Interview with Steven Jurgensmeyer about album cover design
    In the days before music streaming services became a ubiquitous, when physical media ruled the music world, the first thing a music fan encountered before playing the musica on a record, a CD or a cassette was the artwork on the cover. The cover was the always gateway to the music. Some cover art is tastefully done, some covers have Facebook groups devoted to their awfulness. If done very well (or very poorly), cover art can come to define the music the listener is about to play. Welcome to episode 159 of Love That Album. Even before you play a note, looking at the covers of albums like Abbey Road, East or Whipped Cream and Other Delights will bring memories or impressions into your head. You may buy the record for the music, but it may well be the album cover that persuades you to pick it up in the record store in the first place. The very important role of cover designer often decides whether you decide to give an album a second glance. One gentleman who knows this very well is Steven Jurgensmeyer. He may be known to podcast listeners as the host of the excellent All Music Books: Deep Dive podcast (also on the Pantheon network), but his day gig for many years has been in designing album covers. He worked for may years at Ryko and Rounder, so you may well know the artwork he's done for albums by Robert Plant and Alison Krauss, Sugar (featuring Bob Mould), Branford Marsalis, Robert Cray, Chris Bell and many others. We had a great discussion on his own work, whether an album's success and its artwork are linked, and the contrast between the previous world of physical art layout and its modern digital counterpart....we also take some time to talk about Steven's work with All Music Books.  Thanks so much to Steven for his time and invaluable insight into a side of music that we know about, yet don't make as much a part of the conversation.  You can check out all the album covers (and more) that we discuss at and you can read reviews of a large library of music books at AllMusicBooks: Deep Dive is also part of the Pantheon Network of music discussion podcasts and is available wherever you get your podcasts. Download this episode of LTA from your podcast app of choice. The wider back catalogue of episodes can also be found at Love That Album is proudly part of the Pantheon Podcast network. Go to to check out all their great shows. You can send me feedback at [email protected] (written or mp3 voicemail) or join the Facebook group at you’d consider writing an iTunes review I’d be immensely grateful. However, it’d be even better if you told a friend about the podcast and Pantheon – at a barbecue, over coffee, on social media….whatever way you choose, consider me grateful. Proudly Pantheon. 
  • See Hear See Hear Podcast Episode 99 - Interview with Kevin Hosmann, director of "The Album"
    We're so used to the idea of art being hung in museums or on our walls, that we forget that we have may have hundreds or thousands of pieces of art hiding in plain sight – on shelves in our record or CD collections. Welcome to episode 99 of See Hear Podcast. Anytime you go exploring through your local record or CD store, before you even hear the music, the potential to draw you to an album you're unfamiliar with is the cover art. They can be futuristic paintings, posed photos, extravagant, plain, in questionable taste, exciting or dull. The designer is the person the musicians have entrusted to be the gateway to their own work. Kevin Hosmann is an album cover designer and first time film maker. He has released a documentary paying tribute to his colleagues in the design profession. He speaks to a lot of them, many who have designed many iconic covers over the course of popular music history, and many who have just designed functional covers. The film explores their experiences and the history of this artform. Does the cover art always say something about the music? How much does an album's iconic status relate to the front (or rear) cover? How have things changed in the streaming age? Kevin's film is a fascinating exploration into a side of the music business we don't always consider, but is hugely important. Bernie and I were fascinated hearing him talk about his own experiences as a cover designer (Beastie Boys, Ice Cube) as well as telling stories about giants in the field like Reid Miles, Roger Dean and Tom Wilkes. Tune in, then watch the film – you'll be very entertained, The film is streaming on Prime or in England on Sky Arts International. You can keep up with album cover talk at the film's Facebook site: you’ve been enjoying the show, please consider giving us a favourable review on iTunes and let your friends know that our show exists. If you don't enjoy the show, tell your adversaries to tune in. We don't care who listens..... NEXT MONTH IS EPISODE 100 OF SEE HEAR.....SPREAD THE WORD. See Hear is proudly part of the Pantheon Network of music podcasts. Check out all the other wonderful shows at Send us feedback via email at [email protected] Join the Facebook group at You can download the show by searching for See Hear on whatever podcast app you favour.
  • Goldmine: Best and Worst of Woodstock '69
    A discussion of the best and worst of Woodstock 1969. Author Mike Greenblatt (who was there) and editor Patrick Prince (who was not) talk about the significance of this cosmic event, from the powerful brown acid to the genuine camaraderie of everyone there. Greenblatt discusses experiences you might expect and some you would not. A must listen for all those interested in music history and the importance of this particular once-in-a-lifetime event.

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