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More Than Money

Podcast More Than Money
Podcast More Than Money

More Than Money


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  • Faith and Values- Based Investing with ICCR- Interfaith Center for Corporate Responsibility
    Dawn Carpenter, your host of More Than Money, welcomes you to the final episode of Season 2 to discuss the moral compass that the faith and values based investment community offers the corporate community , in a conversation with Josh Zinner, CEO of Interfaith Center on Corporate Responsibility (ICCR). This episode builds upon previous conversations in Season 1 about impact investing as an alternative and/or a complementary approach to asset management. In this episode, listeners are introduced the approached of the work of the faith-based investment community, which is not simply and passively screening for values, but actively taking a role and pushing a responsible corporate behavior on a global scale.   Key Takeaways: [1:50] Josh Zinner career briefing. [2:54] How ICCR started and why? [4:12] Members of ICCR. [5:32] Connection between faith and investing according to ICCR. [8:30] Maximizing value for investors. [8:56] Prioritizing community impact over companies. [9:41] Role of shareholder advocacy as a pillar of responsible investing. [11:40] Shareholders resolution. [13:13] ICCR No Fees Campaign. [16:45] ICCR Guide for Ethical Recruitment. [18:17] Real challenges for the coalition. [23:20] Legacy of ICCR and current campaigns to inspire listeners to action. [25:31] In the food area, dialogs about antibiotic use in our meat supply chain. [26:23] Pharma industry and transparency pricing. [28:23] Investors for human rights.   Mentioned in this episode: Interfaith Center on Corporate Responsibility The No Fees Initiative. Follow More Than Money Check More than Money Website  
  • Finding Work After Incarceration, with the Urban Institute and Robert Egger of LA Kitchen
    In this episode of  More Than Money, Dawn Carpenter draws your attention to a sobering reality: more people are incarcerated per capita in United States than in any other country on Earth. Over 2.3 million are incarcerated and approximately 600,000 of them will transition back into society each year, the biggest challenge being to find a job. In this episode, we delve into this topic with  Nancy La Vigne of the Urban Institute, a nonpartisan research institute and a leading authority on justice policy. Later in this episode Dawn introduces listeners to Robert Egger, the legendary social entrepreneur who founded DC Kitchen a generation ago and has gone on to bring his energy and expertise to Los Angeles to found and lead LA Kitchen. Robert shares his passion for finding innovative, supportive, and inspiring ways to ease the transition back into the world of work by giving people another chance to have a productive life. Listen to this episode and be inspired to start the change in your community.   Key Takeaways: [1:48] Nancy G. La Vigne career briefing. [2:37] The Justice Policy Center at the Urban Institute — what is it? What are its functions? [4:05] The problem of finding work after incarceration. [4:58] The stigma of being incarcerated. [7:05] Background checks and their implications. [9:50] What does the research say about what employers can do to promote the hiring of returning citizens or not discriminating? [12:20] Robert Egger, founder and CEO of LA Kitchen and previously DC Kitchen. [12:40] How LA kitchen started and what is about? [14:30] How did Robert Egger start in this field? [16:43] Empower LA Program that helps ex-offenders to find their way back into the community. [19:15] Healthy and nutritious food made out of donations. [20:40] Senior poverty. [22:32] Participants in LA Program. [23:24] Intergenerational approach. [25:03] How participants transition into the world of work?   Mentioned in this episode: Urban Institute LA Kitchen DC Kitchen Follow More Than Money Check More than Money Website  
  • Consumer Perspective on CSR with Ralph Nader
    Dawn Carpenter welcomes you to a new episode of More Than Money where she continues the conversation on corporate social responsibility started on Season 1, but this time focusing on the consumer perspective. Unfortunately, we live in a time when we take for granted that the products we consume  should be and are safe, but this has not always been the case. In this episode, Dawn engages in a deep conversation with Ralph Nader, the man that is known for doing more than any single person to advance our cry for the production of safe products and good responsible business practice. Listen to this episode, get inspired, and remember that we all have within us the power to change and make change.   Key takeaways: [2:15] Ralph Nader career briefing. [3:20] How Ralph Nader started his involvement in consumer safety activism? [7:23] Organization first built for consumers safety. [8:24] Role of the courts in enforcing and mandating corporations to be responsible. [10:15] Why corporations didn't do the right thing from the beginning? [12:23] Consumer advocacy role that had the most impact. [14:05] The Museum of Tort Law. [14:54] Challenges for future activists. [15:21] Medical malpractice in the U.S. [16:38] Legacy that Ralph Nader wants to leave. [18:44] How companies can be inspired to do better? [22:10] Ralph Nader Radio show   Mentioned in this episode: The Museum of Tort Law The Ralph Nader Radio Hour Podcast  Free Ralph Nader weekly column Follow More Than Money Check More than Money Website  
  • Banking on Values with GABV and Sunrise Bank
    In this episode, from their headquarters in Netherlands, Dawn Carpenter talks with David Korslund with The Global Alliance for Banking on Values (GABV) about using finance to deliver sustainable, economic, social and environmental development throughout the world. As a member bank in the GABV alliance, Sunrise Bank CEO, David Reiling, explains how compassion is the bank’s motivation. The financial institutions discussed in this episode are institutions with some of the most sophisticated and innovative capital stacks in the business. Listen to this episode and be inspired by bankers who are using their talent for social good.   Key takeaways: [2:16] How and why the GABV was developed. [3:48] How did banks from multiple countries find a common ground? [4:48] Six principles underlying these various models. [7:52] What are some of the challenges that these banks face? [8:57] Financial and human capital. [9:27] Changes seen since the founding of the Alliance. [11:28] Leadership Academy. [12:51] Future of the Alliance. [17:20] How Sunrise Bank got started. [19:13] Two branches of Sunrise Bank. [19:53] Unique organization structure. [21:15] The meaning of BCorp certification. [22:05] Sunrise Bank employees. [25:21] What is “Caring Cultural Achievement”? [27:53] Specific impact products. [30:44] Innovative projects in the New Market Tax Credit area.     Mentioned in this episode: Global Alliance for Banking on Values. Sunrise Bank David Reiling on LinkedIn David Reiling on Twitter Follow More Than Money Check the More than Money Website  
  • The Ethical Side of Tech with Sustainable Economies Law Center's Janelle Orsi and Twitter activist Maira Sutton
    Dawn Carpenter welcomes Janelle Orsico funder and executive director of The Sustainable Economies Law Center and #buytwitter activist, Maira Sutton to a new episode of More Than Money, where technology is approached from an ethical perspective, zooming in our most popular tech platforms that look less like a business, per se, and more like public infrastructure. Are we transiting a digital revolution? What is certain is that what we do with technology and about it will dictate the kind of civilization that comes after us. Listen to this episode and explore innovative business models.   Key takeaways: [1:45] Janelle Orsi’s career briefing. [2:43] Are we in a digital revolution? [4:10] Role of the ‘commons.’ [4:54] Idea of inequality addressed by Tech platforms. [7:15] Examples of Tech platforms structured as cooperatives. [8:53] How can innovation be motivated? [10:31] Work of  the Sustainable Economy Law Center. [12:31] Idea of cooperatives managing Tech platforms. [14:30] Maira Sutton’s career briefing. [14:51] Background about a solidarity economy writer and an activist. [16:01] What is #buytwitter campaign”? [25:32] Example of Cooperatively owned ISP.   Mentioned in this episode: Book by Nathan Schneider Ours to Hack and to Own: The Rise of Platform Cooperativism, a New Vision for the Future of Work and a Fairer Internet Internet of ownership  Shareable The Sustainable Economies Law Center Follow More Than Money Check the More than Money Website  

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