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  • Interview with Marcus of Cant Be Ce-Real
    Follow on Social Media Instagram: @cantbecereal Shop Youtube
  • Interview with Co-Owner of the Tampa Bay Fury Andre Spivey Andre Spivey  Co-Owner of Tampa Bay Fury(American Basketball Association) ranked #6 of over 200 teams. Also currnt Florida Division Champions  
  • Interview with Paranormalist Dr. Kelly Renee Schutz
    Dr. Kelly Renee Schutz, Minnesota native, was 9 years old when she first began to experience an uncomfortableness she couldn’t explain. She felt her interest in the paranormal heightened when she photographed two clearly seen apparitions in a screened window on May 6, 2007, at her father’s childhood home. “There is a strong belief in my family that something protects this property,” Schutz said. This radio show drew attention from other radio hosts-producers who encouraged her to launch her own podcast show titled, “Paranormal Encounters Podcast Series.” To date, her highly ranked show has nearly 200,000+ downloads, 90 episodes, and has remained in the top five for the past five years (Podomatic platform).  Her unconventional show entertains, educates, and intrigues listeners from around the world.  She also runs her show on the Para-X Radio Network. Schutz would go on to write nine more books, with Book 11 in the works.  Book 11 will further her stories experienced in the paranormal as well as recent extraterrestrial visitations.  All books are available on Amazon. Her most recent books, “Manifestations” and “Message Received” continue to rise in popularity. UFO Mega Conference
  • 17 Year old entrepreneur Abdullah Gouiaa continues to amaze
    Abdullah Gouiaa continues to impress his customers with his unique and modern web designs and Web Application functions. Creating 15+ restaurant websites, 20+ Engineering websites, 10+ Branded custom design stores with a full designing editor directly on the website, totaling over 50 websites created in his whole career. After he fell in love with web development at the age of 12, he continued on this path, having years of experience under his sleeves. Abdullah started his first company at the age of 15, "TheWooTech" and has been developing the company and completely tuned it to be one of the best, if not the best web services website around the world! With a team of over 100 technicians, seniors, and professionals that consist of web developers, IT Security Technicians, WordPress Designers, Graphic Illustrators, Audio and Video Editors, he has brought his company to the very next level! After being certified by Google and being invited to the headquarters in California, this teenager continued to prove himself as a professional and modernized web designer! What makes Abdullah better than his rivals is the uniqueness of his designs, the great functionality, and modernized design which supports the quickly evolving world of websites!
  • Shout Out to - Amazing website and merch
    #shoutout #merch #onlinestores Our story is one of love, family, and belonging. Fifteen years ago, the Chambliss family was attending church service when Willie C. Chambliss Sr. casually referred to his significantly large family as the “Chambliss Nation.” Though their roots were in the small town of Gifford, Florida, many relatives were spread out around the world. From that day forward, people referred to us as “Chambliss Nation.” Though we were scattered internationally, we felt this name connected us somehow, regardless of the many miles between us. Our brother Willie C. Chambliss Jr., aka Boogee, recognized the weight the name carried and was inspired. He created a logo and t-shirts emblazoned with #Chamblissnation. He also recorded family events and posted them on social media. It wasn’t long before others grew inspired by this undeniable unity, and more people began to wear our shirts as if they were extensions of our family. When Boogee passed, we made it our mission to continue what he started. In this way, we honor his memory and fulfill his purpose to bring people together. This marked the beginning of Chamblissnation. Chamblissnation creates urban-inspired apparel intended to provide you with a sense of belonging. Our collection represents an unbreakable bond, empowering our widespread Black American community to remember their roots and boast them with pride. We encourage all of our kings and queens to embrace our family from all corners of the world. When you wear our clothing, you’ll be reminded of your brothers and sisters who share a deep-rooted appreciation for unity.

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