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Podcast Brains On!
Podcast Brains On!

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  • Why are giraffe tongues blue? - A Moment of Um extra
    Wow, wow, wow! Our new Moment of Um podcast is finally here. Check out this sample episode, and subscribe to Moment of Um in your podcast player. There are already five episodes just waiting for you to listen, and there’s a new one every weekday. Do you have a head-scratcher that you think would make a great Moment of Um episode? Head over to to let us know about it.
  • Introducing Moment of Um!
    We're super excited for you to hear our newest podcast: Moment of Um! What’s that? You’ve already heard of Moment of Um featured on Brains On! You’re correct, congratulations! Moment of Um has been answering head scratchers for years on Brains On. Since our listeners send in so many Moment of Um questions, we thought it was time to give it a podcast of its own. Bitesized episodes drop every weekday, starting January 24th. Follow on your favorite podcast app or YouTube.
  • What happens if you drop a feather in space?
    In space, will a feather stay still? Fall down? Float away? Turns out, the answer depends on where you are! But one thing affects your feather no matter what: gravity! So Galileo is joining us all the way from the 1500s to fill us in on his theory about gravity. Then, we’re heading to space, and dropping a feather in a few different places to see what happens. Listen closely for a listener-submitted mystery sound, and a moment of um that answers this question: If you pick a flower, fruit or vegetable, is it still alive or is it dead? This episode is sponsored by Flip and Mozi's Guide to How to be an Earthling. To support the show, head to
  • The innies and outies of belly buttons
    Today’s episode is all about your belly button aka navel aka umbilicus. And not just your belly button -- every single person you can think of has one. This means our listeners have LOTS of questions about them. We're going to tackle several of these fascinating navel-gazing questions like: is your belly button connected to your insides? Where does belly button fuzz come from? Why do some belly buttons stick out? And do cats and dogs have belly buttons? Plus, we have a tricky mystery sound for you to guess and a Moment of Um that answers the question: How do carrots grow if they don't have seeds? This episode was sponsored by: Indeed (
  • A guide to getting your COVID shot
    Kids over 5 can now get a COVID vaccine in the U.S. We know a lot of you have been waiting for this day and lots of you have sent us questions about the vaccine since the pandemic started: like what's in the COVID vaccine? How does it work? How do scientists know it's safe? And even if the vaccine isn’t available to you where you live yet, this episode will answer those questions -- and there are some fun games you can play along with us! If you have more questions about how COVID, the vaccines or anything else, you can send them to us here. Plus we've got some tips for how to distract yourself if you're feeling nervous, and an original song designed to help you shake that arm after the shot so it doesn't get as sore. Dance those ouchies away! Also: Three (3!) mystery sounds and a Moment of Um that answers the question: How does concrete harden? Find the rest of our episodes about the coronavirus and COVID vaccines here. How do the mRNA vaccines work? And you can learn more about the vaccine trials for kids in this episode: Vaccines for kids and silver linings: Our second COVID summer by How effective are the COVID vaccines?

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